Flip King
Level: 20
Location: East Mt. Mjollnir (1382, 804)
Quick Facts
Required Level: 8
Location: East Mt. Mjollnir
Start NPC: Flip King
Reward NPC: Flip King

Quests > Mt. Mjollnir Zone

Get Flip Hair Ornament (0 / 1)
Money: 0 201
Class EXP: 743
Job EXP: 0
Get all:
5x Purple Potion(I)
1x [Quest Start] Ripped Lower Letter
Purple Potion(I)
Not Bound 
Required Level1
Sell Price0 002
Potion made with special formula combining Red and Blue Herbs
50 HP/ 30 SP recovery.
[Quest Start] Ripped Lower Letter
Not Bound 
Required Level0

Letter that has an important content. But cannot be read because there is only half.