iRO2 Patch Notes 5/14/2013

RO2 US Service Patch Notes - 14 May 2013
1. Colosseum Update : Open hours will be 13:00 and 18:00 PST
2. Public chatting channel wil be available form level 15

1. Black Label(22250011) and White Messenger(22250015) mounts enabled
2. Pandora’s Mallet was removed from Colosseum reward item

1. Petit mount has been added.

Khafra Shop
1. Petit random Box [Premium Mount Box II] has been released
2. 30 days Petit has been released

Character name filtering
1. Character name filtering file was updated upon GVI’s request

Bug Fix
1. Slow HP/SP update in the screen has been fixed.
2. Players stuck in certain area has been fixed. (PhysX logic was changed to prevent character being stuck)
3. Mouse left button clicked state after returning from minimizing the client has been fixed.
4. Monsters sometimes not attacking or moving when the player is hiding behind the object has been fixed.

Written by Flash, on 14th May 2013