New ROGuard Website released

We are happy to announce the release of the new ROGuard website. The development took like forever but we think it was worth it. In this
news I want to inform you about some new features of this site:
-The layout has been completely reworked and should be easier to navigate.
-The design has been adjusted to the new layout.
-The structure of the database has been changed. This allows us to save iRO, kRO and seaRO data seperately. You can choose what server you want to
get informations about.
-We added a new media area with streams, videos and screenshots of RO2.
-We added a new guide area. We are still looking for people that want to contribute guides to us.
-We added a new skill database. This has all class skills, guild skills and item skills for iRO, kRO and seaRO.
-We added a new quest database. This database has the focus on the RO2 story line.
-The new Noel classes Alter, Crecentia and Soulmaker are available in the korean and upcoming seaRO version!

If you see a problem please tell us in our forum.

Written by Flash, on 18th May 2013