iRO2 Patch Notes June 19, 2013

1. Client improvement
A. Loading speed while launching the game has been improved.

2. Bug fix
A. Tooltip information for Dodge rate in the Character info has been corrected.
B. EXP for Elite Scarecrow has been adjusted to correct amount.
C. Graphic bug for male Mushroom Hat has been fixed.

3. String Fix
A. Some localization bugs were updated.

4. Union NPC
A. Union NPC’s location has been added to World map.

5. Function improvement
A. Dungeon Finder function has been improved.
- Dropdown menu to select specific dungeon to join has been added. Will allow you to select dungeons that you want to join.
*If you select specific dungeon to join, you cannot be partied with the players who selected random dungeon. (To be updated in future)

6. Item
A. Ocean Commander Tar Bucket 0 Slot has been added to Fusion tablet

B. Mugwort Garlic Concentrate can’t be used in Colosseum anymore.

7. UI
A. Whisper block function has been added.

Written by Flash, on 18th June 2013