Upcoming iRO2 Patches

Gravity Interactive has released a blog post with information about the upcoming patches.

  • On July 10th WoE will be released on iRO under test conditions. During this test period there will be multiple WoEs per day and per week to test the performance and find best the WoE times.
  • On July 31st the Monster DNA update is supposed to be released. This update allows players to collect DNA from monsters and spawn them to help you fighting your enemies.
  • In late August or early September the Tier 3 Raid Abaddon of Despair will be added.
  • In September the Noel race with the Alter, Crecentia and Soulmaker classes will be added.
  • In October there will be a 2nd WoE update with a 2nd castle and other content that is still in development and not finalized.

Written by Flash, on 04th July 2013