Card Database Update

We just updated the card database. Here are the improvements:

* The card database will now show the correct cards for each server with the localized description (e.g. kRO and indRO)

* The card database will now show only 20 cards per page to improve the loading speed.

* Cards can now be linked. (e.g. Poring Card)

* Card images will no longer have watermarks!

* Added new cards that were missing in the database (e.g.)

The new cards are not available on all servers!

We hope you like this update.

Written by Flash, on 21st August 2013 (comment news)

Morroc Screenshots #1

We decided to start a new series called 'Morroc Screenshots'. This means that we will post new high quality screenshots of Morroc on a regular basis from today on.

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Written by Flash, on 16th August 2013 (comment news)

Morroc Preview

We were able to get a little preview of Morroc and want to share this information with you. Here are some ingame screenshots of of Morroc map. More screenshors may be added in the future!

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Written by Flash, on 09th August 2013

Upcoming iRO2 Patches

Gravity Interactive has released a blog post with information about the upcoming patches.

  • On July 10th WoE will be released on iRO under test conditions. During this test period there will be multiple WoEs per day and per week to test the performance and find best the WoE times.
  • On July 31st the Monster DNA update is supposed to be released. This update allows players to collect DNA from monsters and spawn them to help you fighting your enemies.
  • In late August or early September the Tier 3 Raid Abaddon of Despair will be added.
  • In September the Noel race with the Alter, Crecentia and Soulmaker classes will be added.
  • In October there will be a 2nd WoE update with a 2nd castle and other content that is still in development and not finalized.

Written by Flash, on 04th July 2013

iRO2 Patch Notes June 19, 2013

1. Client improvement
A. Loading speed while launching the game has been improved.

2. Bug fix
A. Tooltip information for Dodge rate in the Character info has been corrected.
B. EXP for Elite Scarecrow has been adjusted to correct amount.
C. Graphic bug for male Mushroom Hat has been fixed.

3. String Fix
A. Some localization bugs were updated.

4. Union NPC
A. Union NPC’s location has been added to World map.

5. Function improvement
A. Dungeon Finder function has been improved.
- Dropdown menu to select specific dungeon to join has been added. Will allow you to select dungeons that you want to join.
*If you select specific dungeon to join, you cannot be partied with the players who selected random dungeon. (To be updated in future)

6. Item
A. Ocean Commander Tar Bucket 0 Slot has been added to Fusion tablet

B. Mugwort Garlic Concentrate can’t be used in Colosseum anymore.

7. UI
A. Whisper block function has been added.

Written by Flash, on 18th June 2013

iRO2 Patch Notes 5/21/2013

1. Drop Rate issue has been fixed
2. Scar of Despair map data has been fixed


1. In-game text has been better localized

Kafra Shop
1. [Premium Mount Box I] will be removed from the shop
2. [Munil’s Accessory random box I] will be removed

1. Functional object added: Dungeon chamber entrance will be blocked with magic force during the battle. (To prevent exploits pulling just the boss encounter)
9]A. Garden of Baphomet (N), (H)
9]B. Ghost Ship (N), (H)
9]C. Sandstorm (N), (H)

Written by Swamp, on 22nd May 2013

New ROGuard Website released

We are happy to announce the release of the new ROGuard website. The development took like forever but we think it was worth it. In this
news I want to inform you about some new features of this site:
-The layout has been completely reworked and should be easier to navigate.
-The design has been adjusted to the new layout.
-The structure of the database has been changed. This allows us to save iRO, kRO and seaRO data seperately. You can choose what server you want to
get informations about.
-We added a new media area with streams, videos and screenshots of RO2.
-We added a new guide area. We are still looking for people that want to contribute guides to us.
-We added a new skill database. This has all class skills, guild skills and item skills for iRO, kRO and seaRO.
-We added a new quest database. This database has the focus on the RO2 story line.
-The new Noel classes Alter, Crecentia and Soulmaker are available in the korean and upcoming seaRO version!

If you see a problem please tell us in our forum.

Written by Flash, on 18th May 2013

iRO2 Patch Notes 5/14/2013

RO2 US Service Patch Notes - 14 May 2013
1. Colosseum Update : Open hours will be 13:00 and 18:00 PST
2. Public chatting channel wil be available form level 15

1. Black Label(22250011) and White Messenger(22250015) mounts enabled
2. Pandora’s Mallet was removed from Colosseum reward item

1. Petit mount has been added.

Khafra Shop
1. Petit random Box [Premium Mount Box II] has been released
2. 30 days Petit has been released

Character name filtering
1. Character name filtering file was updated upon GVI’s request

Bug Fix
1. Slow HP/SP update in the screen has been fixed.
2. Players stuck in certain area has been fixed. (PhysX logic was changed to prevent character being stuck)
3. Mouse left button clicked state after returning from minimizing the client has been fixed.
4. Monsters sometimes not attacking or moving when the player is hiding behind the object has been fixed.

Written by Flash, on 14th May 2013

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